The scenario of present days Construction related works has considerably changed and has advanced with latest type of technology in Designing, Construction, Architecture, and other related works – so has the role of Plant & Machinery advanced for timely completion of these modern time bound Project works with quality by deployment of suitable modern equipments,With regard to various on going construction activities of the Projects being executed at present by our company i.e. JIYA Engineering & Construction within Greater Noida,Uttar Pradesh and other important cities of the country. I feel it my moral responsibility to highlight some of the following utilities of Plant and Machinery deployed at our various Project Sites under execution at present.

Our All construction related activities of present days are fully dependent on modern mechanization.

Innovative Solutions:
For such construction related works irrespective of High rise buildings, STP Plants, WTP Plants etc. appropriate Plant and Machinery has to play important role without which all is impossible.

"To make impossible as possible, deployment of right equipment for right activity has to be ensured"
Timely Planned deployment of Plant and machinery has to play major role for execution and completion of Time Bound Project works. By such mechanization, performance of High Quality work is ensured and save numberless man days.

Safety & Security:
Safety and Security of the Staff & workers on the operational jobs is the our topmost priority, for this it has to be ensured that workers at work sites use proper safety gadgets such as helmets, safety shoes, safety belts, safety jackets, safety glasses and other required safety wears etc..

Maintenance and Care of Machinery:
Maintenance of Plant and Machinery, its periodical services as per prescribed checklist is the utmost requirement for smooth and trouble free operation of the equipment.

Log & Records:
Over and above maintenance of records such as Log books, preventive maintenance records, work done records and other relevant records is a must and important.

Planned Mobilization of Plant and Machinery at Project Site:
  • <>Earth Work related Machinery
  • <>Structure Work related Machinery
  • <>Finishing Related Works Machinery
  • <>JCB Excavator Loader
  • <>Poclain
  • <>Bob Cat
  • <>Air Compressor
  • <>Earth Compactor
  • <>De-watering Pumps
  • <>Dumpers
  • <>DG Sets

Structure Related Works Machinery:
  • <>Mini Batching Plants
  • <>Mixers
  • <>Vibrators
  • <>DG Sets